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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Common Sense, Anyone? ("Memory of War" spoilers)
    Date: 8/14/1999 4:13:00 PM  

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>And the prize our heroes win for resolving the crisis, the scientific
>breakthrough that makes it all worthwhile, is the ability to infect
>one's self with a reprogrammed alien biological warfare agent of
>incredible sophistication - trust us, it's perfectly safe - in order
>to avoid the indignity of wearing a filter mask for a couple of days.
>This is an idiot plot, pure and simple.

Funny...the microbiology experts at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory who vetted
the script thought it would be a) a useful thing indeed, and b) extremely
useful as a template in attempting to understand how the Drakh virus works.


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