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04/06/1994 Well, it's not exactly much of a... GENIE
04/06/1994 Psy-Core
04/06/1994 Message to JMS
04/06/1994 Nope, that's not the shot from "Survivors." GENIE
04/06/1994 Actually, no, I don't believe John... GENIE
04/06/1994 Talia is nowhere near a P10; her... GENIE
04/06/1994 Re: Sound in Space
04/06/1994 Re: Sound in Space
04/05/1994 There are some gender-based differences,... GENIE
04/05/1994 Only when *you're* talking to me. GENIE
04/05/1994 As an the next-to-last... GENIE
04/05/1994 Cindy: your recollection is incorrect.... GENIE
04/05/1994 JMS: Gene Roddenberry biograph
04/05/1994 JMS: The Gathering Please
04/05/1994 BTW, did I mention that Mira Furlan... GENIE
04/05/1994 I would like to know the 3 times... GENIE
04/04/1994 I knew about it...I get all memos... GENIE
04/04/1994 The refraction depends on the angle... GENIE
04/04/1994 As another aside...I'm surprised... GENIE