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09/18/1993 There's one new thing you'll be... GENIE
09/18/1993 Rich, you worked with Meatloaf,... GENIE
09/18/1993 The details of the budget per episide... GENIE
09/18/1993 Re: JMS on Gerrold, McGoohan
09/17/1993 Claudia Christian on HBO
09/17/1993 Re: A look at the competition
09/16/1993 Yes, we will. GENIE
09/16/1993 It costs a pretty fair amount. ... GENIE
09/16/1993 In no particular order: GENIE
09/16/1993 The problem, of course, with DeVito... GENIE
09/15/1993 After B5 (was Re: Trek vs. B5
09/15/1993 Re: Trek vs. B5 - things NOT t
09/15/1993 Re: Scene I would like to see
09/15/1993 Re: Problem with JMS viewing p
09/15/1993 Both...but more energy-hungry than... GENIE
09/15/1993 What Ron points out is something... GENIE
09/15/1993 Of course, these aren't shuttle... GENIE
09/14/1993 Re: Centauri Physical Appearan
09/14/1993 For me, merchandising is one of... GENIE
09/14/1993 What's also funny is that in the... GENIE