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08/28/1993 By the way...just for funsies I... GENIE
08/28/1993 What we did with the uniforms was... GENIE
08/28/1993 Jeff Jarvis, ET. AL. :-(
08/28/1993 Re: A little scenario
08/28/1993 Re: A little scenario
08/28/1993 The Borgia...? GENIE
08/27/1993 Re: A little scenario
08/27/1993 Re: inconsistancy in pilot
08/27/1993 The ethnic mix has nothing to do... GENIE
08/26/1993 Re: "Silence" in Babylon-5
08/26/1993 Confirmation requested... Koen
08/26/1993 Re: Strange Things
08/26/1993 Re: A little scenario
08/26/1993 Not much point to a major PR push... GENIE
08/25/1993 I thought long and hard about the... GENIE
08/25/1993 Re: new cast wasn't... GENIE
08/25/1993 Re: pilot inconsistancy
08/25/1993 During. GENIE
08/25/1993 Nothing gets past Phil.... GENIE
08/25/1993 I'm told it's for 2:00 that Friday.... GENIE