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08/07/1993 It's inconsistent from one shot... GENIE
08/07/1993 Dunno nuthin' about no screamers...only... GENIE
08/06/1993 Wanted: just a bit more reali
08/06/1993 "The Parliament of Dreams" is "Carnival!"... GENIE
08/06/1993 If someone got it right, I would... GENIE
08/05/1993 If anyone had guessed what it was,... GENIE
08/04/1993 Wanted: Hardend Characters
08/04/1993 Re: JMS: Cast additions/change
08/04/1993 New title for you: "The Parliament... GENIE
08/03/1993 is there anyone on who doesn't
08/02/1993 Re: Rerun the Pilot!
08/02/1993 characters
08/02/1993 I'd rather let you see the defense... GENIE
08/01/1993 For those interested, there's a... GENIE
08/01/1993 Actually, she says "activate defensive... GENIE
08/01/1993 Comic Con is *more* than worth the... GENIE
08/01/1993 You have to really dig to get any... GENIE
08/01/1993 There is some connection, yes. GENIE
08/01/1993 Those are Mira's and Andreas' natural... GENIE
08/01/1993 The alterations in cast didn't affect... GENIE