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07/25/1993 Hi, all, was out of state for a... GENIE
07/21/1993 I can't think of any actor who,... GENIE
07/21/1993 Christy's been delayed with the... GENIE
07/21/1993 Tom: yup. GENIE
07/20/1993 I have a few things to say about... GENIE
07/20/1993 [No Subject] GENIE
07/20/1993 Which issue of VTU has the ad from... GENIE
07/19/1993 A Couple of Questions...
07/19/1993 I'm sure at some point there'll... GENIE
07/19/1993 Yes to both. GENIE
07/19/1993 Nope. GENIE
07/18/1993 The teaser in the very first episode... GENIE
07/18/1993 Re: FTL communication (was Re:
07/18/1993 The planet will also look a *lot*... GENIE
07/18/1993 Nope, I was nowhere in the pilot,... GENIE
07/17/1993 I picked this up in mail off Internet... GENIE
07/17/1993 A bit of new info.... GENIE
07/16/1993 Cameos was what I was NOT referring... GENIE
07/16/1993 Re: FTL communication (was Re:
07/16/1993 So let me see if I understand you:... GENIE