Re: Scene I would like to see

 Posted on 9/10/1993 by to

In 1989, the bible, treatment, screenplay and artwork for Babylon 5
was brought to Paramount. This is documented. It was reviewed, in depth,
by many of the development people there, meetings were taken, and at one
point, it looked as if we might have a deal. Very abruptly this prospect
evaporated, with Paramount passing on the grounds that it then had an SF
series that had just gone on, and it would conflict.

What a development person at a studio does, incidentally, is to work
with writers and producers involved in studio projects. The development
person guides the writers and producers in ways that the development
person thinks that the project should go.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I do not believe that
either Berman or Pillar ever saw the B5 material. Further, that if they
were asked to rip anything off, I think that they would outright refuse
to do so. These are honorable men.

They would never knowingly do anything inappropriate.