I always kinda figured that the...

 Posted on 9/10/1993 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

I always kinda figured that the shows would be synopsized *when they get
aired* in this kind of detail, not this far in advance.

Re: the pickup on the series, it's definitely 22 episodes.

Today David Gerrold came by the set to watch some of the shooting o9n
(on) his episode, "Believers." Unlike many shows, which basically throw the
writer off the set, our writers are welcome to hang around. It's not only
okay, it's *expected* that the writer will be there at some point, to be a
part of the process. David was quite ebullient about the whole thing; he
thinks that this is the best script he's ever written, and it's being filmed
exactly as he'd hoped, if not better. So there he was, getting autographs,
muttering something about somebody named "Hugo...."

What was interesting was one comment he made, which echoed almost
verbatim something D.C. Fontana said when she came by the stage: that the
atmosphere on set, with the crew, the cast, the production people is exactly
the same as it was on the first season of the original Star Trek.

We continue to chug along....


(P.S. The clips that Larry's bringing to CopperCon include the montage,
and the same segments from "Midnight on the Firing Line," with one difference:
the clips shown at WorldCon were missing about 40% of the CGI shots. This
version lacks only one or two shots, and there's some very cool new stuff in