Comalite; yes, that scenario has...

 Posted on 3/4/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Comalite; yes, that scenario has indeed occured to me. And that is one
of the things I fear most...that people will see DS9 and think that WE ripped
off THEM. Which is why I'm glad that the folks here saw how this has
progressed. At least now I have witnesses.

And to the message above...yes, it's not inappropriate to think that a
station might have a casino and a bordello. The problem, to me, is the NUMBER
of items. They are both a) deep-space stations b) positioned at primary
transit points beside travelers and businessmen c) presumably dead planets
that is a d) port of call for) features representatives from various
governments, with f) a casino and g) a bordello, which is run by h) an
unmarried man with the rank of i) commander, and that a j) shapechanger
figured prominently in the opening story about a station with a k) name
followed by a number....

Oh, least my 486 Megasystem arrived today, at last.