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>1) What issues are currently up to writing right now?

I'm on Spidey 514 and Supreme Power 14 (funny how it works out that way), and
issue 3 of Strange.

>2) If Marvel said that the next Spiderman arc would be your last would
>your last arc be dealing with the future we saw in Amazing Spiderman #

Wouldn't be my call, it would be Marvel's, and I don't think they'd want me to
do that.

>3) Are current Events in spiderman leading to that future?

Inch by inch, yeah...hence Lamont's question about getting the chemical
composition of his webbing.

>4)Do you have an ending in mind for Supreme Power? Many Many issues
>down the road do you now what that last page is?

I know the ending, but not necessarily the last page. SP is, however, intended
to be an ongoing series, so that ending may never manifest itself.

>5) If the Strange limted series is a success would be the one to
>continue Doctor strange?

That's a Marvel call.

>6) You mentioned in Hawthorne a new series called the book of lost
>souls is there anything more you can say about that?

We're trying to find the right artist for the book so we can get moving.


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